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Affordable Care Act Approaches

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The effects of the Affordable Care Act reportedly are far-reaching, even for perfectly healthy young Americans.

Ed Melcher with Frontier Insurance Solutions says even healthy consumers could see their rates increase.

"Young people without health issues, will they sign up?" he asked. "If they sign up that will help the pool, because they'll be healthy and they'll help the people that have some health issues."

And if healthy people choose to go without health insurance, Melcher says that's where people with complications will suffer.

"It will drive up the cost because we'll have more claims going into the pool," he said.

It's not mandated that you are insured, but if you don't sign-up individually, and are not covered through an employer, expect to pay a penalty fee. It will be $95 for the first year, $325 for the second, and nearly $700 for the third according to If your income is above a certain amount, you must pay a percentage of your income.

Melcher emphasizes that the system is complex, and learning about the different options is your best bet.