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SD2 Open House On School Designs

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At the top of Billings SD Two's to-do list Wednesday is the design of the new middle schools. Under the district's Facilities Master Plan, two new middle schools will be built.

The District hopes their Facilities Master Plan will alleviate crowding problems, like the ones experienced by Highland Elementary School student Maddi Smith.

"Sometimes, if we have, like, music or something, and we have to move our desks around. It'd all be smushed all over the place," said Maddi.

"The elementary school that my children go to, the classrooms can be very crowded," said Jennifer Smith, Maddi's mother. She attended an open house at SD Two's Lincoln Center Wednesday evening to look over plans by the school.

"It was their chance to hear why we're going forward with this, and then have input on the site design, and strategies for apply these middle schools to the sites," said Dusty Eaton with A&E Architects.

"I think the designer team they have in place is really pretty top notch. They seem to know what they're doing, and are taking factors into the equation," said Jennifer.

In addition to facts and figures, people at the open house also had a chance to submit their ideas and suggestions, over a print-out map of the new middle school sites.

"We had an opportunity for people to play with puzzle pieces, in a sense, and let them design the layout of the middle schools," said Dusty.

People at the meeting all have their suggestions on how the new schools should look like.

"It has to have, obviously, enough room to accommodate everybody," said Jennifer. "It has to be conducive to facilitate learning."

"I would want lots of classrooms," said Maddi. "like, extracurricular stuff. A science room, a project room."

Dusty said they gathered a lot of input at the meeting.

"We'll apply what we learned tonight, and then it will be on display on the next community presentation," said Dusty. The next meeting is scheduled to occur in September. The new school constructions will depend on the result of a bond election.