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Volunteering to Prepare for the Future

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The Youth Volunteer Corps got a chance to get their hands dirty and help out ZooMontana. The work not only helps organizations out now, but volunteers' futures.

Raking out mulch and clearing tall grass, volunteers laid out a nature trail at ZooMontana for visitors who want to take the road less traveled.

"They were nice enough to let us do a project that helps people enjoy nature and animals which is a focus area a lot of kids like those and it inspires them to get more involved in other projects," said Tari Burt, United Way's volunteer engagement associate.

United Way's Youth Volunteer Corps have service projects throughout the year. Volunteer Sarah Kern has been to all of the summer projects.

"It's really, I think, something that people need to do because so many teenagers and kids don't learn how to put effort in and don't know how to do these kinds of different labors that they do," Kern said. "And it's something that I think everyone should try at least once."

They have volunteered at places from animal shelters to senior homes.

"A big part of service learning we focus on in Youth Volunteer Corps gets them engaged with possible new career choices and just figuring out what they want to do in the world after school," Burt said.

Kern said the projects introduced her to different kinds of work and helped her find her passion.

"If I want to get into some kind of work with animals and animal care and animal sheltering, veterinary, et cetera, I really am learning lots of skills, like with people too," she said.

Kern said she feels more prepared for her future because of her volunteer work.