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New Woman's Self-Defense Class

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As Billings Police continue their search for a man in connection to a series of rapes in town, the Magic City's female community are not taking any chances.

"Sometimes at work, I'm by myself. At home, I'm by myself," said Pamela Cullen. For Pamela and a number of women Tuesday night, defense was the best offense, as they took the second major self-defense course in town.

"The way that the community has stepped up to provide training for women has just been awesome, with the Police Department, MSU," said Nadine Fredrickson with the Three Sights Indoor Shooting Range. The event was held there.

"I just feel safer, knowing a few different moves," said Pamela.

In the shooting practice area, shouts of "Stop!" and "Stay Back!" were clearly heard, as an instructor teaches women how to fight back, should they be attacked.

"We're gonna learn basic techniques. Introduce them to standing techniques, blocking techniques, techniques to break away from an aggressor," said Terrill Bracken. He also works for the Big Horn County Sheriff's Office. He said the techniques came from a number of Martial Art disciplines/

"Law enforcement self-defense. The techniques that you see in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), those are all techniques that are tried and true, and proven," said Terrill.

Women at the practice paid close attention to the lessons taught, as well as the demonstrations. Pamela said she feels at least a bit safer now.

Nadine said she intends to hold regular practice courses for women in the future. In the meantime, the Billings Martial Arts Association is holding a similar, free class at the Shrine Auditorium, on Thursday.