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Josephine Crossing Concert Series Supports Non-Profits

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A local Billings musician who's toured and played at the South by Southwest Festival, and who you may have heard on HGTV's House Hunters, played a free show for a good cause.

CR Smith played one concert Tuesday night for the Josephine Crossing Concert Series. The neighborhood recently built a new amphitheater and hosts free concerts throughout summer. At every concert, food, beer, and wine are sold, and alcohol sales benefit a local non-profit organization. CR Smith's free concert is benefiting Elysian School, something Smith is very happy about.

"I live in Josephine Crossing, so all the kids that live around me, which I just love being around. They all go to the Elysian School. So, it really benefits home for me, where I live, the people that I'm around, my neighbors. So, I think it's just a huge deal. It's a great school. We even have some teachers who live out there with us too, so it's just really cool," says Smith.