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Oxygen Masks for Pets in Emergencies

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Pets have a different kind of care in emergencies. The Billings Fire Department has oxygen masks to help save your pet.

The department got these cone-shaped masks about a year ago for pets rescued from fires. According to firefighters, pets can breathe in the same amount of carbon monoxide as a human does. Having these masks reverses the effect.

"It's important for pets because when we do an initial search of a structure, we're looking for not only victims, but also pets," said Chris Voller, a firefighter at the Billings Fire Department. Therefore, when we rescue them and bring them to safety, we are now able to administer life saving interventions."

The masks fit easily and comfortably over the noses and mouths of animals and they come in three different sizes. A tube connects to an oxygen tank, allowing a flow of oxygen to go to the pets.

Pet owners, like Sue Hoffman, are excited.

"My pet's my companion and I would hate to have anything go wrong with her, so having an emergency thing situation would be great," Hoffman said.

"Billings Fire just wanted to take a proactive step," Voller said. "We have saved a few animals from buildings and wanted to make sure we were giving them the same quality of care we could to anybody else."

Whatever the emergency may be, the fire department is ready to give oxygen to both humans and animals.