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Absarokee Remembers Homicide Victim

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Stillwater County Sheriffs are treating the death of a man in the town of Absarokee as a homicide Monday.

Sheriff's officials in Stillwater County said Forest Dana, 27, died of apparent Blunt Force Trauma, according to autopsy results. Dana was reportedly found dead outside his home early Sunday morning.

"When I went to church, a friend of mine noticed the Coroner's van. So I walked down and asked 'is everything OK?' It was apparent that not everything was OK." said Lori Good, who lives near the crime scene.

People in the small town remembered Dana Monday.

"I coached him as the head football coach in Absarokee. He was on my team for four years, and I coached him one year in High School basketball," said Warren Boeck. He also taught Dana in school. "He got along well with everybody. Just a good kid. Worked hard, easy to coach."

"He like constructions and working with his hands. He seem like a very gentle kid. A nice kid," said Good.

Stillwater County Sheriffs announced no leads in the case Monday, but did say they are investigating the case with Montana Department of Justice's Division of Criminal Investigation. News that Dana's death is now being treated as homicide reached a town still struggling to come to terms with what happened.

"It's really not sunk in yet, because stuff like that doesn't happen in our town," said Hanna Vorhes.

"It's a small town. Rural Montana. Everybody knows everybody. Everybody raises everybody else's kids, and when something like this tragically happens, it affects everybody," said Boeck.

People in town said they will now be a bit more vigilant of their surroundings, but did admit that time will heal wounds, and that the community will return. Friends and neighbors of the Dana family gathered at their home Monday, offering the family support. People in town also offered support to the Danas.

"Thoughts and prayers going out to everybody. It's just a real hit," said Vorhes.

"Forest...you're looking down on us right now, and I know there's a basketball hoop someplace up there in heaven that you're gonna find," said Boeck.