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Clark Days, Unique and Educational Experience

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Every year, people are invited to camp out at Pompey's Pillar one weekend out of the year. It's called Clark Days, and this year, there's something a little different from previous years.

"What Clark Days is, is a way for us to sort of talk about and teach people about the history of Yellowstone County and more specifically, Clark's visit here over 200 years ago on July 25th, 1806," says Pompey's Pillar Monument Manager, Jeff Kitchens. "Last year, what we did was we really celebrated public lands in general and the history of public lands. And this year, what we're really celebrating is the Native American heritage and history of this site."

That includes playing traditional Native American games and making dream catchers.

"Definitely fun and educational. Just because they see both the Native American side and the Lewis and Clark Expedition. So, kids trying to get them into history is not easy, and this is a good way to do that," said Scott Schuster, who came to this year's Clark Days for the second year in a row.

Though you can learn about history where ever you are, Kitchens says this history lesson is unlike any other.

"You're not going to find any that focus solely on Lewis and Clark like this every year and do a lot of the fun and excitement that we have," said Kitchens.

Even though Clark Days has come to an end, there are several programs to learn from at the center every day during summer.