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Laurel Secures Funding for Fixing Water Supply

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LAUREL, Mont. -

The town of laurel has received a sizeable chunk of money, courtesy of Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester, for helping to restore the town's water intake off the Yellowstone River.

Laurel was granted $1.35 million dollars from FEMA to restore the river bank along Riverfront Park; step two in what is going to be a three step process to fix the town's water woes once and for all.

City officials are still trying to work out what a final solution to keeping the water flowing will be, but local leaders said this federal funding is a step in the right direction.

"There has been a ton of work put into this, both on the city's side and on the senators' side. And we're very appreciative of the work that they did on helping us get through the sequestration process and get the actual funding to the city," said Laurel's chief administration officer Heidi Jensen.

Laurel is hoping to finish up the project by the fall of 2015.