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Stealing From the Grave

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17 year old Cassie Lorenz tragically lost her three year battle with muscle cancer last year. Now her loved ones are facing a new struggle, as a thief has been stealing the mementos, trinkets, and flowers left at her grave at Mountview Cemetery.

The heartless act brings her mother Tina Lorenz to tears whenever she has to visit the final resting place of her daughter.

"Her life was stolen from her from cancer and now somebody is stealing from her in death. It's heartbreaking and I can't do it anymore," she said.
Her mother put up a camera a short distance from the grave, where what appears to be a young lady, is shown kneeling and then grabbing the items and leaving. Friends and family are still trying to cope with Cassie's death. Her friend Trey Slates said this selfish act brings the pain that much closer to the surface.

"It's a struggle that I deal with every day, but I'm going to have to learn how to deal with it and I haven't found that way yet," she said.

Her mother has already reached out to police who say they are looking for a suspect in the case. Tina said she just wishes the thief would call it quits and let Cassie's loved ones grieve in peace.

"I brought out a little glass thing and it said "Daughter" and "I love you." And they took that. There's certain items I want back. If they would just bring them back, I would drop it. But I've given them that opportunity and they haven't done it. My daughter deserves this stuff. She was 17. She doesn't deserve to have things taken from her," she

If you have any information on the case, you are asked to call Billings police officer Jerry Smidt, who is handling the case.You can leave a tip by calling him at (406) 672-2511.