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New Health Fair

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When Billings Clinic patient Matthew Broch turned fifty, things started to change.

"It impacted my health and my well being and the way that I look at taking care of myself," says Broch.

Broch got into an accident and couldn't walk for four months and then discovered he needed to start taking better care of himself. A new health fair will hit town at the Shrine Auditorium called the 50 Plus Life Expo, something Broch says he's looking forward to attending.

"Participating and being proactive with care, being active and having an active lifestyle, not being sedentary making sure you're eating the right things," says Broch.

The now 52 year old awaits the 50 Plus Life Expo, where doctors, like Dr. Irene Lohkamp from Billings Clinic will be on hand to provide health care screenings.

"When people turn fifty they want to know not only how to live longer but how to have a better life how to enjoy life," says Lohkamp.

Doctors recommend to exercise three to four times a week for a half hour, and practice cognitive skills by picking up new hobbies to prevent memory loss.

"When you turn fifty you should basically do what your mom and doctor have been telling you for decades to do. Which is eat your vegetables, drink milk, exercise, and lose weight down to where you should be with your BMI," says Lohkamp.

And above all, enjoy the ride.

"All these things have happened for the past four decades and you've got four more to look forward to," says Broch.

Billings Clinic will offer blood screenings, free blood pressure checks, senior services and lifeline information, and more at the 50 Plus Life Expo. You can meet the KULR 8 News Team on both Friday and Saturday at the Expo.