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SD2's New Trustee

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School District 2's new trustee is excited to hit the ground running.

Janna Hafer is the CFO and co-owner of High Plains Architects. She will represent Zone 2 as the newly appointed trustee, filling the position vacated by Pam Ellis in May.

"I'm excited," she said. "I'm excited for the opportunity. I am from Billings. I grew up here. I went to School District 2. My four children graduated from School District 2. And I think I have a lot to contribute and I care about the schools."

She says her skills in management and budgeting will contribute to what the school board needs.

"It's juggling. You have to address the needs but also how are you going to pay for that."

Hafer wants to help serve the district's needs, specifically overcrowding and the budget. She cares about the students and teachers, but just as important, facility quality.

"They're going to deteriorate even more if we don't address them," she said. "And it's not fair to the students or the teachers or the employees that work there to work in a situation that is uncomfortable or they can't do their best."

But before Hafer can tackle these issues, she says she has some homework to do.

"I have a lot to learn as well so I'm looking forward to hitting the ground running and get up to speed and hopefully be able to contribute."

Hafer says she wants the schools to be something the community can be proud of.

"I do care about the schools and I want it to continue to be a good place for our students, for the families, and for the community as a whole."

Hafer will officially begin her term once she takes the oath of office. After she serves out the approximately 10 months left on the vacated position, she can decide to rerun.