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Business Owners Vying for Space

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Two business owners are vying for space in downtown Billings, and the city council must decide which offer to accept.

The new and improved garage is being constructed on Montana Avenue. Owners of the Asian Sea Grill and Walkers are both interested in the street-level commercial space. The Walkers owner is interested in all of the commercial space. But, Asian Sea Grill owner, Tina Wu, is only interested i about a third of the space which sits on the corner of Montana Avenue of 27th. "My husband has been looking around a long time, and he really wants that space over there after he found out it's going to be a parking garage. So, his interested in that. So, hopefully we can have the opportunity to get that space," Wu said.

The Walkers bidder made an offer of $500,000 for the entire space. The Wus offered $251,000 for just the corner portion. City Council members will likely decide which offer to consider. The Walkers owner still has the first right of refusal on the corner property which means, if the city council accepts the Asian Sea Grill's bid, the Walkers owner could buy that portion at the $251,000 price.