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Canoeing Family Program at the Audubon

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Every month, the Montana Audubon Conservation Education Center holds family programs. The program for this month was a canoeing program, it's a fun hobby that can be done right here at home.

"I've never been canoeing before and it'll be my first time canoeing with my family and it'll be an awesome thing to do," said Angelo Ciccotelli of Bozeman.

The canoeing program at the Audubon introduces people to canoes, and allows people of all ages to have fun.

"Canoeing is pretty fun. And even if the boat turns over, you don't have to yell. It's pretty funny actually," said Lucas Filer, a 10-year-old of Billings who loves canoeing.

Luke Zitterkoph of Billings said, "it's nice out. It's sunny. It's a great opportunity to get out with the kids and have some fun. Not just be in the basement playing video games."

"We have some two-year-old out here canoeing today and some grandparents as well. So, this is an activity you can do your whole entire life. It's very calming and relaxing and it's a great way to get in touch with nature," said Sarah Chatwood, the canoeing instructor and Teacher Naturalist at the Audubon.

Not only is this an good opportunity to come out and learn how to canoe but, it's a chance to get up close and personal with wildlife, like turtles and frogs.

"The passengers in the canoes get a net and a bucket so we ask them to catch the turtles so they can really get close to them. And hopefully getting close to them helps them develop a love for them and hopefully they'll continue to appreciate them in their environment their whole life," said Chatwood.

The next canoeing program at the Audubon Conservation Education Center will be held on September 22nd. It's free for members and two dollars per person for non-members. Advanced registration is required by calling (406)294-5099.