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Hundreds Attend Women's Personal Safety Event

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The ladies of the Magic City refuse to live in fear.

In response to the recent home invasions and sexual assaults, a free women's personal safety event was held at MSU Billings' Alterowitz Gym on Thursday. Over seven hundred women were in attendance. The Billings Police Department together with MSU-Billings Police teamed up to inform women of how to proactively stay safe. MSU- Billings Health Educator Triniti Halverson was one of the speakers at the event.

"Most of the time we can tell in our gut when something is wrong. Its just that we don't feel its our place or don't feel like we have the tools to do something but I just want to encourage them to do something," says Halverson

The police department suggests women to get a dog, stay in groups when going out, always pay attention, look around when you leave your home or vehicle, and have a cell phone handy as much as possible. Officers also taught basic self-defense moves, including Officer Shane Weinreis.

"What we're teaching is the most common stuff that somebody might encounter as an assailant as a bad guy, we're taking some of the most common things that studies have shown that people do," says Weinreis.

Weinreis taught the group techniques in escaping choke and wrist holds, and ground escape.

"That's one of the worst places a person can end up is on their back," says Weinreis.

Other tips from the Billings police officers include, don't wear sweatshirt hoodies at night. Take out those ear buds if you are out alone, and keep your garage doors closed because that is the most common entry point for an attacker.