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Rural Air Service Ended For Miles City and Lewistown

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Rural air service is now suspended indefinitely for two Montana cities leaving many without commercial air service from their area.

Silver Airways announced late last month its fleet would end connecting service to eight cities across the state. Flights will continue to six of the eight cities until the U.S. Department of Transportation finds a new provider. However, Miles City and Lewistown, due to the closer proximity to Billings and low ridership are dropped.

"This is very devastating and it will be a detriment to our economic role for jobs and also for businesses to be here," said Custer County Commissioner Vicki Hamilton.

Montana's congressional delegation teamed up to restore air service to Lewistown and Miles City. They released a joint statement saying quote, "Montana jobs rely on Essential Air Service (EAS). It's a vital program to support our small businesses and our thriving tourism industry. We urge you to listen to the communities of Lewistown and Miles City and ask that you weigh their considerations quickly while keeping the lines of communication open."

Hamilton said they hope to strike a deal with Great Lakes Airlines to resume service as soon as possible.