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New Police, Fire Contracts

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The City of Billings is set to ratify new contracts with the city's police and fire unions.

City Administrator Tina Volek said the city has signed a two-year contract with the Montana Employees Association's Billings Police Unit, and a three-year contract with the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 521, which represents firefighters in Billings.

Both contracts call for a 2.9% annual cost of living wage increase for the first two years, with an option to reopen wage negotiations for the fire union in the third year of the contract. In addition, both contracts include provisions that calls for punishment, on a progressive scale, for police officers or firefighters who use sick leave under false pretenses, as well as a provision that links in-grade pay increases to performance evaluations.

"We've always had a good working relationship with that unit, and we always work cooperatively. There's always days where you have some disagreements on things, but generally, it has been a very cooperative negotiation," said City Administrator Tina Volek.

The Billings City Council is expected to ratify the Police contract next Monday, and the fire contract in August.