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Tips to Stay Safe in Bear Country

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CODY, Wyo. -

With warmer weather comes camping trips, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors. But keep in mind, when you take part in those activities, you could be entering bear country.

Less than a month ago, Wyoming Game and Fish Department reported a bear mauling that seriously injured a Wyoming man. It caused him to need many surgeries. Bear attacks can be deadly, and the Wyoming Game and Fish says you need to be mentally prepared.

"Probably the most important tool that you can have in bear country is your brain and being mentally prepared knowing what to do in an encounter situation, how to prevent an encounter situation and then also there are several things that we can carry along the way to help us if we were to encounter an aggressive bear," said Tara Teaschner, Cody Region Information and Education Specialist for the Wyoming Game and Fish.

Teaschner suggest carrying bear spray, and be sure to travel in groups. Making loud noise in important to make your presence known. Hide your food in a tree or in your car when camping. Always be aware of your surroundings and watch out for postings on trailheads. If you encounter a bear, stop and slowly back out of the area. But, if the bear is coming towards you, stand you ground and use your bear spray.