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Women's Personal Safety Event Draws Many

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The women of Billings aren't letting the recent home invasions and sexual assaults get the best of them.

A women's personal safety event is held at MSU-Billings' Alterowitz gym Thursday. The first hour focused on measures for women to take to be proactive in staying safe. Some recommendations included getting a dog, staying in groups when going out, always paying attention and looking around when you leave your home or vehicle, and have a cell phone handy as much as possible. The gym was packed with women excited to learn how to combat their fears and potential attackers, including 16-year-old Madison Smith.

"We're usually out really late so we're not usually together we're all separate doing our own things. So one of us will come back late at night and the other one will come back later so its nice to be able to be alone and feel like you can protect yourself rather than being really scared," says Smith.

During the second hour a Billings Police Officer provided reactive measures, an introduction to Gracie self defense techniques for women, learning how to defensively stand up when hit, how to react against a wrist grab and a choke hold.