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Trimmed Trees Protect Power Lines

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Residents in a neighborhood near MSU-Billings' campus heard the sound of chainsaws Wednesday, as trees in the area are getting shaped up.

"One thing that we really enjoy is walking around the neighborhood, and enjoying the trees and the greenery," said Trina Soria, who lives in the area. The area Trina and her husband Joe lives in are well populated by trees, which can cause another problem.

"When the wind comes about, those branches are all spread out, and come close to hitting cars and stuff like that," said Trina. Her husband called NorthWestern Energy after the recent storms to find a solution to the tree problems.

Throughout the day, crews were trimming trees in the area

"We're just trimming all the power lines, all the trees away from the power lines," said Kyle Lonsbery with Davey Trees, which was contracted by NorthWestern Energy. "A lot of the times, the trees are up there, the wind blows, you could lose power."

The crews have trimmed dozens of trees, but Kyle said they still have lots more to tend to.

"There's 700 locations, so that can be quite a few trees," said Kyle.

"It's a good thing they're coming around and trimming the trees so it won't be an issue, as opposed to taking trees completely out," said Trina.