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Tourism Strong Despite Airport Closure

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The airport went through its first of six total closures this past weekend with nearly all passenger air service suspended from mid morning on Friday to Sunday evening.

But despite the shutdown, there has been minimal impact according to John Brewer, the President and CEO of the Billings Chamber of Commerce. He credited the airport staff with getting plenty of feedback from travelers and local businesses regarding the best time for the construction to take place.

"We have about two million visitors that come through Billings every year and as you can imagine that's a large impact to our economy with the hotels, restaurants, retail, shopping. So we want to make sure we can do all we can to keep visitor traffic flowing even with the airport maintenance going on," said Brewer.

The Billings Chamber of Commerce said the city already is ramping up their Concert Craze campaign to attract more visitors to Montana Fair, Magic City Blues, and other festivals. They hope their effort will reduce the impact of the airport closure on local businesses during the summer months.

The chamber has set up a website for more information on the airport closure and about upcoming events for the rest of the summer. You can check it out by clicking on Connections.