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ACLU Amended Complaint

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The American Civil Liberties Union and several same-sex couples are filing an amended complaint, challenging Montana statutes on gay rights.

The Montana Supreme Court rejected the first lawsuit last December, saying it was too broad and didn't identify specific laws, which are discriminatory. In the newly filed complaint, one of the statutes being contested is the right to name a partner as a beneficiary for worker's compensation.

"The way that the laws are written and the way that certain statutes are, they're denied certain rights to things that a couple should have. It's important that we recognize human dignity and equal protection which is what the case is based on," said Liz Welch, LGBT Advocacy Coordinator of Montana's ACLU.

However, Jeff Lazloffy of the Montana Family Foundation said the case is for another reason.

"The bottom line is marriage is the goal. And they will say in their comments that they're not shooting for marriage yet. This is the California model. Go for the benefits first and then go for marriage afterwards. We're seeing it was successful in California and they're trying to play the same model out in Montana."

Montana currently has a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.