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Looking for New Sea Cadets

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A group of Montana youngsters calling themselves Sea Cadets are getting excited about the U.S. Navy.

Organizers said they have a solid presence in the land locked Treasure State. The newly established group of Billings Sea Cadets have already had a chance to participate in Navy boot camp at Fort Harrison near Helena. The group of ten range in age from 11 to 17, and they are looking for others to join their ranks.

"In Helena, we stay in the barracks. The kids go to the chow hall. They do what all the other military guys do. So they're taught the same customs, courtesies, traditions that the navy guys take part in," said administrative instructor Monica Tavenner, who helps to organize the group.

"They don't even have to join the military. This isn't recruiting. This is just to give them an idea of what the military is like," said her son Tommy Tavenner, who is one of the cadets in the group.

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