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Human Trafficking Awareness

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A group of four women at the Word of Life Church in Billings recently traveled to a few countries in Asia, with the intent to raise human trafficking awareness.

Word of Life Church partnered with Vision Beyond Borders in Bozeman to send a small group of women to the red light districts in India and Nepal. Their goal was to learn from a salon in India and bring a similar one to Nepal. The salon acts as a refuge for these abused women and helps those who want to escape. Even though the trip is over, the church won't stop their efforts to help.

"Definitely not over for us. We feel like we have so much to learn. We're amazed at what we've been able to do so far... And so, we want to provide that bridge to this is a huge and sad, terrible problem , and this some of the solutions and here's the small things or big things that every person can do," said Debbie Chai, Word of Life Mission's Director and Team Leader for the mission.

Chai says it's a place to talk to these women about God and show them the love they deserve. The church donated $10,000 to the salon in Nepal, and most of that was raised through bracelets church members made.