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Habitat for Humanity Wall Raising Ceremony

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A hardworking family helped raise the wall for their soon to be home at the Habitat for Humanity's Wall Raising Ceremony for the 64th home in the area.

After more than a year after their application was accepted, the Geiss family will soon be living in a new home.

"I think only bigger and better things are going to come from this," says Natasha Geiss. The family can hardly contain their level of excitement. It's something Geiss has been working toward every week for well over a year.

"Every part of the build is so exciting but wall raising is that exciting time where we actually see a house become a house," says  Kathleen O'Neal, Executive Director of the Mid-Yellowstone Valley Habitat for Humanity. O'Neal says this process is an exciting one for kids too."The kids get so excited. They start, they look at the plans and they start thinking about which bedroom they want to be in."

"It's just going to be a great experience. You know, to be able to have Habitat give me this experience is just great," says Geiss. This day is the beginning of a new journey for her family. "You know, they took a chance in me and I'm just grateful. It's going to save me and my kids in the long run. Definitely."

O'Neal says "this really becomes their home and it gives them that sense of security that the kids need growing up."

Habitat for Humanity says the average cost to build a home locally is over $100,000 plus the cost of land. St. Thomas the Apostle Parish donated $25,000 for the Geiss home.