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New Farming Technology Uses Drones

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Unmanned aircrafts or drones can help farmers maintain and increase the yields in their fields and  help them watch over livestock.

Researchers at Kansas State University used the drones in precision agriculture, which they say is more cost-effective.

The aircrafts help identify drought stress, soil moisture, and where and how pests and diseases were affecting crops. A kit costs about 2000 dollars and will help the farmer identify information about his crops not visible to the naked eye.

"With a farmer, what he or she needs is information and the more information they have about their crops, the better they'll be able to respond to that and get a higher yield at less expense," said Michael Toscano, President and CEO of AUVSI.

Right now the FAA does not allow the commercial use due to air space. However, last February the President signed a law allowing the agency to open up the air by September 2015.

Thirty states, including Montana, expressed interest in hosting a test site.