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Recent Assaults Prompt Safety Course

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Billings Police Chief Rich St. John confirms to KULR-8 news a serial rapist remains on the loose in the Billings area.

The Chief says all efforts are currently underway to track the man down. In the meantime, in response, the Billings Police Department and Montana State University Police are working to help women protect themselves. A women's personal safety event is being held next Thursday at MSU-Billings's Alterowitz Gymnasium to show women simple defense tactics. The class is being held from 7 to 9 PM. Billings Police Department's Lt. Kevin Iffland says police, together with staff from MSU-Billings, are taking a two- pronged approach to the class. The first hour women will learn proactive measures to stay safe at home and around town.

"Simple techniques that women can use if they find themselves in a situation. Kind of that reactive situation when you've done all your proactive stuff but now you find yourself in a situation what you can do to help yourself at that point," says Iffland.

The second hour, a Billings police department officer will provide reactive measures and self-defense techniques for women to use against a stronger attacker. YMCA Karate Instructor Michelle Hayes has one simple precaution for women.

"Just to be self aware. To not be districted and to walk with self-confidence. Because I think bullies pick on certain types of individuals because they think they're weak and not paying attention," says Hayes.

Walk with your shoulders back and head up, and surprise the attacker by swift, jerking movements.

"If you take out their knee they can't chase you," says Hayes.

Go for the eyeballs, and don't be a target, run away as soon as you can. All women in the Billings community are invited to attend the personal safety event, but no men are allowed! It's free to attend and no registration is required. Wear comfortable clothing, athletic shoes, and bring your game face.