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Trace Your Ancestry at the Library

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Have you ever wondered if you're related to anyone famous? There's a group in Billings that can help you find out.

Volunteers from the Yellowstone Genealogy Forum can help you explore your family history at the Billings Parmly Library. The forum's volunteers, who utilize the library's genealogy room, provide expertise in assisting community members as they trace their ancestry.

George Mowat has spent more than fifteen years tracing his lineage back to the 1500's. He's helped others find relatives who fought in the American Revolution, and even found recognizable names on the Mayflower's manifest.

"Most people are interested in finding out where their family came from, how they lived, what life was like for them," he said. "So it's really something that people get hooked on."

Mowat says the best place to start is by interviewing all older living relatives, recording birthdays, names and death dates.