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SD2 Board Receives Bond Survey Results

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SD Two's Board of Trustees voted Tuesday night to set in motion a potential bond election that is center to the district's Facilities Master Plan that was adopted earlier this year.

"I think that the community is well aware of the issues that we are facing. We're facing huge accreditation issues. We're facing deferred maintenance issues, and we're facing issues of increased enrollment," said Trustee Greta Besch Moen, who represents District 3.

SD Two had sent out a survey to community members on the bond issue.

"We sent out 2,500 surveys to a sampling of all the voters that are registered in this area, and we got over a 40% return, which is very high," said SD Two Facilities Services Executive Director Lew Anderson.

Those surveyed were asked whether they support a one-off, $160 million bond issue, or two separate bond issues, with an initial $120 million issue, followed by a possible $38 million issue in a couple of years.

"The $120 million option was supported by 54% of the people," said Anderson.

After the Board heard of the results, they voted to file a request to hold a bond election this November. While the decision does not mean the Board has decided on an election, it does allow for a possibility of one, since state law requires a notice of intent to be filed no later than 70 days prior to the desired election date.

"I'm confident with the bond election that we can get our need our there, and get the community to understand that we are taking our fiduciary responsibilities very very seriously, and we are wanting to create the best teaching and learning environment for our kids," said Moen.

The Board will determine the language of the ballot next Monday.