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Billings Company Makes Lone Ranger Movie Props

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The latest Walt Disney film out right now has Montana connections. The Lone Ranger is an action adventure western starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer based on the Lone Ranger radio series that began nearly 80 years ago. One Billings company put their blood, sweat, and tears into making quite a few of the props for the box office hit.

A year and a half after receiving a very exciting phone call, the Lone Ranger is out in theaters and employees at Reliable Tents and Tipis are thrilled to see the movie they made props for.

"The opportunity for a challenge to build some new designs was pretty exciting, plus for Disney. We were really excited to do that," says David Nemer, owner of Reliable Tents and Tipis.

A Montana company isn't the typical go-to for movie props, but when a production company is in need of canvas tipis, this Billings company is there go-to. Canvas tipi manufacturers are hard to come by.

"On a commercial level, there are not a lot of companies in the country that make tipis. I would say there's probably four or five of us that are out there. And we were lucky to have a good reputation with some of the people that make movies," says Nemer.

This company has made props for other films including The Indian in the Cupboard, Far and Away, and Geronimo. But the project for this film was unique, having to create a tipi that is nearly identical to an original Comanche Tribe tipi.

Nemer says "it all varies a little bit from tribe to tribe. And we hadn't built the Comanche before so I had to do quite a bit of research, looked up old photos, we tried to really get the patterned dialed in so it was accurate."

After three months of perfecting the 40 Comanche tipis and 30 tents, the hard work payed off. The Lone Ranger opened in theaters on Wednesday. Employees at Reliable Tents and Tipis plan to check out the movie this week and see all their hard work being put to good use.