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Hot Weather Playground Safety

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Kids in Billings are having fun in the sun.

But as the temperatures heat up into the high 90s, so does the playground equipment in our local parks. Billings has about 40 playgrounds, and with so much equipment to play on, Billings Parks and Recreation Director Michael Whitaker says kids run the risk of getting burned on that equipment in the extreme heat.

"When the temperature reaches one hundred, its going to be hot to the touch, I would encourage you not to really use to playground equipment if its one hundred degrees out," says Whitaker.

But if families venture out in the heat, they need to know when to go play.

"Probably the best time of the day to use playground equipment in the mornings or the afternoon when the sun starts to go down," says Whitaker.

Amy Black, a mom of three, makes sure her kids take a break every so often from the playground at Terry Park.

"Not to run, stay in the shade a little bit, drink plenty of water," says Black.

It's important to avoid using the metal portions of the playground because they attract so much heat.

"I would highly recommend against going down metal slides or using the metal playground equipment on a hot day like this," says Whitaker.

Look for plastic playground equipment to play on instead, so the kids can stay safe and have plenty of fun in the sun.