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Daines Talks Energy In Billings Visit

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Montana's Congressman visited the Magic City Tuesday to talk about issues related to the state's energy industry.

Tuesday afternoon, Rep. Steve Daines (R-MT) visited the Billings Chamber of Commerce to meet with local leaders.

"It's always good to sit around a table and listen to the concerns of business owners in Billings," said Rep. Daines.

"This was our opportunity, as the Chamber of commerce, to spend some time with the Congressman, talking about energy independence and energy security," said John Brewer with the Chamber.

During the meeting, Rep. Daines talked a lot about the importance of energy for Montana's economy and future.

"I'm real optimistic and excited about what the future holds for Montana, and for the country, because of our coal deposits in our state, as well as the oil and gas deposits. This means jobs, it means tax revenue. It means economic prosperity for our state," said Rep. Daines, who went on to say he is not sold on President Obama's vision for the nation's energy future, which was announced recently.

"I'm concerned that the President's agenda there is really declaring war on coal, on oil and gas," said Rep. Daines.

Brewer, in particular, had something to say about the delay over the Keystone XL pipeline.

"Where Canada took seven months to develop their section and get it rolling, five years for us to be debating and discussing and researching, it is just excessive," said Brewer.

Daines said he wants the Federal Government to look at the nation's energy future through a balanced view.

"I'm not opposed to regulations. We just don't want to see Washington DC get extreme with regulations, and start having a negative impact on the coal, oil, and gas industry in our state," said Rep. Daines.

KULR-8 also reached out to the Northern Plains Resource Council for comments on what Brewer and Daines said. Former Chair Ed Gulick said Montana has a great opportunity to develop wind and solar energy, which will create jobs and not contribute to climate change. Gulick went on to say that coal is a resource of the past, and that there is no excuse to use them in the current day and age, with the presence of cheaper, cleaner energy.