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Adult Resource Alliance Barbecue

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Some distinguished guests gathered near the Billings West End Monday evening, as a group of people in their golden years gathered for a fundraiser barbecue.

"It's an event that brings out a lot of people, and the dollars go directly back into the Adult Resource Alliance," said Yellowstone County Commissioner Bill Kennedy.

2013 is the fifth year for the Adult Resource Alliance of Yellowstone County's Firecracker Barbecue.

"Commissioner Bill Kennedy and City Councilman Jim Ronquillo said we need to do an event, so that people know that you guys have moved, that you're here," said BeaAnn Melichar, Executive Director of the Adult Resource Alliance. According to the organization's website, they moved into their current headquarters on Avenue D in April 2009.

BeeAnn said fundraisers like the Firecracker Barbecue are very important to the organization, as the region's Baby Boomer population continues to age.

"I really think that as that generation ages, that there will definitely be a huge demand for the services that we provide," said BeeAnn.

"Funding is critical very critical in the future, and this is an awareness during the summertime, and it's also letting people know that these programs are running year round," said Kennedy.

For the senior citizens at the barbecue, they enjoyed hamburgers or bratwursts, along with salads, fruits, and a band performance. For Sarah Fowler of Worden, the event is more about getting together, and enjoy the summer season.

"If a senior cannot get out and socialize, and be with other people who share their interest, and share their viewpoints on things, than I think that the life is an existence, and probably not destined to last very long," said Sarah "We are not sedentary! We are not stinking the muds! We have senses of humor, and we dance, and we sing, and we have a great time!"

The Adult Resource Alliance of Yellowstone County, which until 2011 was known as the Yellowstone County Council on Aging, was founded by the Yellowstone County government in 1975. To learn more about the organization, click on Connections.