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Yellowstone Co. Under Rabies Quarantine

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Billings Police announced Monday that Yellowstone County is under a 60-day Rabies Quarantine, in response to a potential rabies outbreak.

According to a statement released by Police Chief Rich St. John, a domestic dog at the Windsor Trailer Court in the Heights showed non-aggressive symptoms of rabies. Chief St. John said the dog displayed the symptoms after coming in contact with a skunk.

After further investigations, Chief St. John said approximately 13 people have been exposed. Chief St. John said while the possible outbreak is believed be isolated, there is a possibility that loose dogs, as well as other people, may have come into contact with the virus.

According to a declaration by the Montana Department of Livestock, all dogs, cats, and ferrets in the County are to remain in the county for the duration of the quarantine. However, if a dog, cat, or ferret is properly immunized against Rabies, it can be released from the quarantine 14 days after the date of vaccination.

Rabies in humans are considered to be almost always fatal once symptoms show, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's website. The first symptoms, according to the CDC, are similar to the flu, followed by other symptoms, such as Delirium, Hallucinations, and Anxiety, within days.

Residents within Yellowstone County should keep their pet's immunization up to date, as well as report strange wildlife behavior to local authorities.