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Community Narrows Middle School Search

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School District Two and city officials narrowed the search for future middle school locations.

After a long meeting Monday morning, everyone weighed the pros and cons of several spots across the city. Around noon, the list was cut down to three choices in the Heights, and two on the west end. SD2 trustee Dr. Greta Besch Moen said that examining the data with the community will bring the best results.

"It is really critical that our community become informed and aware of what the issues are moving forward. The accreditation issues we have in the elementary school, and the educational issues we have of moving the sixth graders up in to the middle school will be educationally better for them, and then it will alleviate the issues we have in the elementary schools," Dr. Moen said.

The two locations on the west end are near 56th and Grand Avenue and the Career Center on Central Avenue. The Heights locations include two spots on Barrett street and an area near the Sartorie Farms. Trustees and community members will tour the areas on the 9th during the afternoon.