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41st Annual Symphony in the Park

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Multiple times a year, the Billings Symphony Orchestra and Billings Community Band play at local theaters, but only once a year do they play for free at a park. Nearly 10,000 people celebrated at Pioneer Park Sunday evening for the 41st Annual Symphony in the Park.

"We start planning this the day after, so tomorrow we'll start working on next year. It's a year long project, it's one of the biggest events in Montana for music, for sure," says Anne Harrigan, Music Director for the Billings Symphony Orchestra.

Symphony in the Park is the biggest component of the Orchestra's Explore Music Programs.

"Our goal of the explore music programs is to introduce as many people in the community as we can to symphonic music," says Michelle Tracy, Marketing and PR Director for the Billings Symphony Orchestra.

"I first came to Symphony in the park probably when I was about 4 or 5 and I just thought all the instruments were so awesome," says Grace Lamdin, a violinist for the Billings Symphony Orchestra. Nearly 15 years after her first time at the event, Lamdin experienced being one of the musicians playing at the event, and she's one of the youngest musicians involved in the Orchestra. "It feel really awesome. I just love being around all these professional musicians and I like being treated like a professional and getting paid is a nice perk too."

Every year, the Symphony in the Park brings something new.

"We try to make the concert have a lot of traditional pieces but then react and respond to what's happening in our community, in our world, right now," says Harrigan.

According to concert organizers, Darren Rich was named the new Billings Symphony Orchestra and Chorale's Director. Rich replaces Sandra Culhane, who took the same job in Boise, Idaho.