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Exclusive Interview With Killswitch Engage

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Metal fans from across the state were in the Magic City Saturday night to watch Killswitch Engage and other bands perform at the Babcock Theatre.

We had the chance to sit down with lead singer Jesse Leach and guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz before the concert. They said they were excited about Saturday night's lineup and just being in Montana.

"The tour's been great," Leach said. "Every single band has something different to bring to the table, a lot of great energy, diversity, good people, good vibes. It's a party on wheels. It's great."

Killswitch Engage is on tour to promote their sixth album "Disarm the Descent." The album's first single, "In Due Time," is quickly moving up the rock charts.

The band is known for their high energy and comedic metal shows, which is considered a strange combination for this genre.

"We give everything we got, man, until it hurts," said Leach. "I think there's passion, there's good vibes, and then there's comedy. It's a good mixture of the two, I think."

Through the years, the group has been dubbed the pioneers of "metalcore." It's a term members say they can't seem to wrap their heads around.

"We're a metal band," Leach said. "I think the only way I could see where it comes from is we come from hardcore music, and we're playing metal. So there's a 'core' in hardcore, and I think that term kind of got bastardized to mean the melody, the sing-songy choruses, and all that stuff. It is what it is."

After a decade of making music, the members say they're excited to be on tour with younger metal bands like Miss May I, The Word Alive, and Affiance.

"The energy they bring and a youthfulness; there are nights after the show where we're talking and it's like, 'wow, these guys are kids.'"

Even though these rockers spend day and night entertaining their fans, they say it's not all about the music. Lead singer Jesse Leach says he would like to someday visit Yellowstone National Park.

"Just nature in general fascinates me and it's such raw nature," Leach said. "I've always wanted to go and I will get there eventually."

Leach says he won't have time this summer to visit Yellowstone.

Killswitch Engage plays next week in Fargo and will head overseas to Japan on July 27th.