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Beauty and the Beef

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Local car enthusiasts geared up to help those with cancer today. Cars lined the yard at Project Meats for the Beauty and the Beef Car Show. This is the 5th year for this American Cancer Society fundraiser.

"All of the members that we have on our team have been touched by cancer in some sort," Project Meats owner Tanya Flower said. "We've been involved with the relay for 14 years. The last five we've owned our own business so we noticed that it was easier if we just kinda got our teammates through our company and then family and friends."

Tanya lost her brother to cancer in 2005. She feels the fundraiser helps bring the employees closer together.

"It makes us all more of a family. And it's nice," Tanya said. "It makes work nice 'cause all of us work together really well and then when we get to play together it's really nice."

She also says they earn all of their money for the event from the food. But it's the cars that really bring the people out.

"We've noticed that the cars bring in more people," Tanya said.

Jim Nieders brings his 1980 Chevy to the event every year. His pickup looks new, but the small dents tell a deeper story.

"This was my brothers that passed away in 1997," Jim said. "And this was a two-wheel drive pickup. I converted it into a four-wheel drive. Something...he always wanted it. And I always wanted to show it in memory of him so that's why we bring it out and show it."

Jim's brother was 26 when he died in a car accident in this very car. Jim restored the pickup. He now shows the truck at several fundraisers in his brother's memory.

"Kinda helps us keep him around," Jim said. "It's usually for a good cause that we do these things, you know. And just kinda a way to keep him going."

He invites everyone to come enjoy the rejuvenated cars and grab some food for this great cause.

"It's just a good time to get out and play and enjoy the weather," Jim said.