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Three New MRM Shelter Rooms Unveiled

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It is a place for those who have nowhere to go. For months, various local groups of pitched in time and money to renovate rooms at the Montana Rescue Mission Women's Shelter in Downtown Billings.

Thursday morning, MRM unveiled a series of three rooms that are completely renovated. One of the rooms have a touching story.

"Robin worked for St. Vincent's for over 25 years. She was a CNA, and she was our ward clerk," said Chris Bartlett, one of the people with St. Vincent Healthcare involved in a room's renovation. Chris is talking about Robin Christoferson. She sadly passed away from Cancer in early June.

Robin was 58.

"When we lost her, it was a great loss, but she's in such peace now, and we know that God has totally watched over her," said Jolene Kuntz. Jolene said she, along with Chris and a group of others from St. V's, decided to renovate a room at the MRM Women's Shelter, in Robin's memory.

"We just want a lot of wood, and a lot of earthy things in here, but yet, we have to have some fun things, like the colored birds," said Jolene.

The room is called "Robin's Nest", and was unveiled on Thursday, along with a room renovated by EBMS, and a bigger room that was renovated by people with a Red Lodge church. Sheila Cole with MRM was visibly moved as she thanked Jolene's team.

People from other teams said they learned a lot from the renovation.

"Coming in every evening and on weekends, I really got to interact with the people here, and realized that I can have an impact," said Jen Robbins with EBMS.

And they all said the project has touched their lives, in more ways than one.

"Definitely makes me appreciate what I do have, and makes me want to do more for others," said Jen.

"I've met such nice people here. I've enjoyed them so much, and I think about them at night," said Jolene.

MRM's Gary Drake said he hopes to eventually have all of the rooms at the shelter renovated. To learn more about MRM, click on Connections.