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Beloved Café Closes Down

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MOLT, Mont. -

Some call it the heart and soul of Molt, but Friday will mark its last day of business.

The Prairie Winds Cafe in the town of Molt is shutting its doors. The building, almost 100 years old, was once was a grocery and hardware store. Twelve years ago, the husband and wife team of Jerry and Fran Urfer, transformed it into a fully functioning cafe. Charles Macfarland started coming into the cafe for coffee every morning when it opened, and now he says he won't get that "cup of Joe" anywhere else.

"I might have to start brewing my own coffee," says MacFarland.

The cafe is famous for Fran's homemade pies, but everyone has their favorites. Prairie Winds has even hosted a live band every Saturday, including patron Rick Evan's band "Spur of the Moment."

"It gets crowded and people who don't know each other end up sitting in the same table together, and they make new friends," says Evans.

But for the owners of the hot spot, one thing is for sure.

"Its time to retire," says Jerry Urfer.

Fran Urfer says she might not cook another omelet for the rest of her life.

"Its like its part of us but its time to leave. Time to go on," says Urfer.

The owners will close down shop to spend more time with their family in North Dakota. But the building, which still is for sale, will stand ready to live on. The Yellowstone Blue Grass Association is sponsoring a going away party Saturday. Eight different bands will play starting at 8 AM at the Molt Community Center.