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Teen Volunteers Play a Big Part at Hospital

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You can find a volunteer in almost every department at St. Vincent Healthcare, and the hospital has more than just your typical adult volunteers.

Every summer, St. Vincent selects more than 80 student volunteers to work at the hospital. Some of them are as young as 14. Others are graduating from high school. After filling out an application and taking part in an interview, the young volunteers can work in almost any department, from delivering coffee or flowers, to assisting in the Clinical Engineering Department.

"Actually, the hospital cannot really function without us," Guest Services Coordinator Jan Osborne said. "We provide so many services that go above and beyond that we are basically support for all of the staff, for everybody. I mean it really is an important program to our hospital."

"It's fun and you get to interact with a lot of people," new student volunteer Jessica Heldt said. "So you can talk to all different kinds of people and just, you know, help people who normally wouldn't get appreciated."

Student volunteers can work from 4 to 16 hours a week. Osborne said they are always looking for good people to volunteer.