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St. V's Wins EcoStar Award

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St. Vincent Healthcare is receiving some major recognition.

According to hospital administrators, the hospital is the only one in Montana to receive an EcoStar Pollution Prevention Award this year. It's reportedly awarded to institutions that are taking steps to decrease waste. The hospital recycles coffee grounds for use in enriching soil used for plants. According to St. V's Food Service Department Kyle Kautzman, the facility also has switched over from using Styrofoam cups in the food services department to using compostable cups, keeping around $30,000 Styrofoam cups out of landfills.

"Each year we try and get better and better at it, so we always have to set goals, so one of them was to reduce Styrofoam from the food service department and we went to a more compostable, earth friendly product," says Kautzman.

It's the fifth year in a row the hospital has been honored for this achievement.