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Road to Recovery

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For many cancer patients, their lives revolve around their treatments. But some patients have to worry about more than just getting better. They have to worry about just getting to their appointments. Thankfully, the American Cancer Society has a program to help.

The Road to Recovery. It's name means exactly that. It's a program to help cancer patients get to and from their appointments. It's run completely through the use of volunteers like Rita Nau, who has been driving for three years.

"I've been fortunate all my life and I've had people do nice things for me," Nau said. "And it's just a chance for me to do something for somebody else. A lot of them that I have driven are from out of town and come without a vehicle."

Her most recent passenger, Lee Ann Tank, was first diagnosed with cancer in October. Since then, Tank uses the program to get from her home in Wolf Point to her appointments in Billings.

"If it wouldn't have been for them I don't know what I would have done," Tank said. "Because my uncle doesn't drive good. And a taxi costs way too much money. So it was a relief that I could rely on somebody else to come and get me and to bring me to my appointments and wait for me even though they didn't really have to wait for me especially if they pop something else on me."

Tank says she feels that the American Cancer Society goes above and beyond what they have to do for their patients. And she's very grateful for all the help volunteers like Nau have given her.

"The ones that I've known here are very respectful, courteous, kind," Tank said. "And they take time to listen if I need to talk. And that's good. You don't find many people like that."

For those patients, the Road to Recovery helps them focus more on "recovery" and worry less about getting there.

"Just thank you for everything cause I've been through a lot since October," Tank said. "And I appreciate it."

The area the program covers depends on where their volunteers are. So the American Cancer Society says they are always looking for more people to help. To volunteer or if you need a ride call 256-7150.