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Firework Vendors Are Hopeful

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Firework vendors are still feeling the burn from 2012's ban on fireworks and open burning.

Dealers, like Cindy Rawls, are hoping for a comeback. "It was an awful year. We lost money. I thought we would give it one more year, because it really helps. I have two children that are diabetic and a husband. I'll try it again and hopefully this year it'll be better," TNT Distributor, Cindy Rawls said.

Firework stands are sprouting up all over Yellowstone County, and salesmen are busy unpacking and making sure safety precautions are taken like cutting the grass low and putting up their No Smoking signs."The fun part is you open up the boxes, and it's what's new this year. We just keep discovering stuff today," Rawls said.

Despite 2012's drought, Rawls said she has been looking forward to the 4th of July all year. "My favorite part is the kids. We usually have little stools out there, and they climb up, and their eyes are really big. Then you see their parents smile. For me, that's the best part," Rawls said.

Young Chenoa Rawls said the 4th wouldn't be the same without fireworks. "I think the fireworks, the colors in them, really set off the Fourth of July, and it just makes the fourth a lot more fun," Chenoa Rawls said.

The Billings Fire Department reminds everyone fireworks are absolutely prohibited within city limits. If you're caught with fireworks you could face a $500 fine. Firework sales start Monday and will end July 5th.

According to the Billings Police Department, only seven citations involving fireworks were filed during 2012's Independence Day weekend. Officials say that number was a significant drop from nearly 104 citations in 2011.