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Centennial Park Lease Terminated

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The Billings City Council voted Monday to end a lease it gave to a local foundation on a West End park.

The Billings Community Youth Foundation has been renting Centennial Park since 2003, after the original lease to the Billings Amateur Hockey League was transferred to the organization. According to city documents, the foundation needed to, among other things, make reasonable efforts to develop the facility contemplated in the lease, which includes an ice arena.

In March 2013, the city sent a letter to the organization, asking them to show proof that it is still complying with the lease. After no response was received, the city's Parks, Recreation, and Cemetery Board recommended the lease be terminated.

After the meeting, Mayor Tom Hanel said there are several other organizations that are looking at the park.

"Several suggestions made, from the formation of another dog park, to a hockey arena, to lacrosse fields," said Hanel.

In other City Council news, the council also voted to transfer the city's cable television franchise to Charter Communications. According to City Administrator Tina Volek, the company will invest tens of thousands of dollars to the city's public access television channel, Community 7. The investment reportedly will include high definition television equipment.