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Tradition Revived On Billings Rims

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A military ceremony on the Rims Saturday revived a long tradition.

Luther Sage "Yellowstone" Kelly, who died in 1928, is credited with mapping the Yellowstone Valley area. He was buried on the Billings Rims after his death, and for years, Kelly's widow made plans with the Billings Chamber of Commerce to have a wreath placed at his grave site.

That tradition stopped when Kelly's widow passed away, but the tradition was revived Saturday, on the week Kelly was buried.

In addition to the ceremony, the Chamber of Commerce announced its plans to restore the site, after years of neglect.

"It's our responsibility as a community to take care of this grave site, and again, it's something that's been neglected for 84 years," said John Brewer, President of the Billings Chamber of Commerce.

Plans include raising funds to restore the roads leading to the grave, repair the grave, and make the area handicapped accessible.