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Doctors Train for New Procedure

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A new vascular procedure brought surgeons from all over the country to St. Vincent Healthcare.

It's called PEVAR, and it allows surgeons to repair aneurysms by making a slight incision in the skin. Several surgeons have already performed the procedure. The FDA recently approved a special suture needed for the surgery.

Traditionally, patients spent several days in the hospital and the Intensive Care Unit after surgery and months to recover. This new procedure leaves patients with fewer complications and a quicker recovery.

"Traditionally, aneurysm repair required a large cut on the abdomen," Dr. Mark Morasch from St. Vincent said. "But now, with minimally invasive or endovascular techniques, we're able to treat patients' aneurysms in a manner where they're able to get out of the hospital the next day and feel back to normal pretty quick."

St. Vincent Healthcare is one of only 17 PEVAR Training sites across the U.S.