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Big Sky Honor Flight: Another Battle

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Herman Wittman, a 92-year-old vet from Helena, made the Honor Flight with his son Mark from Bozeman. "I can't think of anything better than to get on a plane on Father's Day and fly out here with my dad and honor him and just have some very, very quality time with my dad. I'll never get another opportunity like this," said Mark.

"This means a lot," said Herman. "I think that every citizen at some time in their life ought to come through all these museums and all these historical sites. Then they would know what the country is all about."

The time the Wittmans share together is precious. They share a battle, and a diagnosis. "We're kind of going through a little dance with prostate cancer, and so, you know, it's been a tough couple years, the last couple of years, on both of us," Mark said.

Of course, this isn't Herman's first battle. Seeing the memorials, and the Arlington National Cemetery, is a reminder of fallen brothers in arms, the thousands who gave their lives during the war. Herman hopes that having others of all ages make the trip to Washington will put those sacrifices in perspective in a way that can't be gained from a history book.

"In a battle, you know, you lose some and you gain some, but you say, 'Well, I lost 1500 men, but I won the mission.' But that sounds like just a figure. When you take 1500 out here and look at the graves, it's reality now. You see, you're seeing things that you don't see in a figure," Herman said.

For two days, for two men, the past and the present collided in an unforgettable and irreplaceable way. "I'm turning 60 this next week and he's 92, and this is just an opportunity to do something that I'll never get a chance to do again," Mark said.