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Hot Song Raises Thrift Shop Awareness

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It's been one of the hottest songs on the radio since early 2013.

In his song "Thrift Shop", Seattle-based rapper Macklemore focused on going to thrift stores, and getting bargains. That sits in contrast to rap songs that glorifies wealth and extravagance.

"Whenever I listen to it, I just feel really pumped and excited," said Kyle McClintock.

Until recently, however, thrift stores were seen as an enclave of the aging population.

"Older people, they have a better awareness of spending money, and not throwing it out the window as much," said Christina Nelson from Billings.

As the song continues to play on radio, it now appears designer stores are not the only cool places for younger people to shop.

"well, you'll never find a $50 T-shirt! Well, I can't say never. It'd have to be something pretty spectacular!" said Tammy Zubick-Munguia with the Goodwill store in Billings, referring to a line in the song about overpriced clothing. She said the economy is also driving kids to places normally thought of as stores for "gramps".

"I think there's a lot more kids that don't have their parents buying them as many things, so they have to be more conscious about what they're spending on. They come in and they're thinking 'I'll try it', and they come in, and they're really surprised at what they find," said Zubick-Munguia.

Young people we talked to said checking out thrift shops are definitely worth their time and money.

"A lot better than to pay full price for something that is about the same quality," said Mike Nelson of Billings.

"Look for the best deals that you can, and have fun when you're doing it! Poppin' tags!" said McClintock, who was shopping at Goodwill during the interview.