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Site Selection For New Middle Schools

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One of the items discussed on School District Two's Board of Trustees meeting Monday evening was criteria for selecting new middle school sites in the Magic City.

"We haven't had a school for a long time in our community, and it's been needed," said SD2 Board of Trustees Chairman Allen Halter.

Earlier in June, SD2 representatives met with consultants to come up with a list of criteria for selecting new middle school sites. SD2's Facilities Master Plan call for three new middle schools to be built.

"There's a list of about 14 to 15 items, and our selection team has narrowed it down to five or six," said Halter. Some of the criteria include having the new schools built close to existing schoolchildren population, and building it in places where infrastructure is in place. Halter said he believes SD2 should focus on parts of the city with overcrowded schools.

"The biggest criteria in my mind is picking the best spot in the Heights. Our school right there, we can't even put 6th graders in it. It's packed. We're busting out the walls there," said Halter.

Later on this week, there will be two public meetings on middle school site selections. Halter said it's the public's chance to have their say.

" That's what's important, is that we can give these kids a quality education. Not an overcrowded education, a quality education," said Halter.

According to Lew Anderson with SD2, a site near Main Street in the Heights, as well as a site near 56th Street and Grand Avenue is being considered as potential new middle school site, along with other locations. Halter said the Board should pick out a site by July.